Friday, August 19, 2011

Tester for a new pattern

I offered to be a tester for a new hat pattern from Cats Rockin Crochet. It's called Crocodile Stitch Adult Hat. It was a really neat pattern to work on and really easy to follow. Loved how it turned out. I have never done the crocodile stitch before. Really neat looking! I used 4 ply yarn in a rose color. She will have the pattern up soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Have I Been Making???

Here are just a "few" things I have made over the past several months. Hope you enjoy my crafty work! Starting with my most recent and working backwards. Have more to share later! :)

This is a cute little dress I made for my new grand-daughter, Abby, that will be here soon! She is due August 28th. I told my son, Matt, and his girlfriend, Holli, that she could come on the 25th - my birthday! We will wait and see!

This is a sweater set I made for Abby too!

This is a rolled brim hat that I knitted for Abby. I love this knitted hat pattern! I crocheted a chain flower for the top and sewed a button in the center. Can't wait to see her in it!

This is a dress set that I made for Abby! Her hospital pics will be taken with her wearing this set. Can't wait to see her in her dress Nana made her!

Made this tissue cover couch for a special friend and taking orders for them too! I even made one in Redskins colors!

These are just some of the bags I "knitted" for a contest I entered at Never Enough Yarn. The person that made the most knitted drain bags for Wellspring won a $50 Gift Certificate. I WON! I made 38 bags. A friend of mine, Chris D., came in close second making 35 bags. These bags are given to women who have breast surgery due to breast cancer. I recently learned how to knit and these bags were the first thing I got to working on. I had a ball making them and couldn't wait to get one done to find another color to start! My goal was 40, but I ran out of wind!

This is what I bought with my $50 Gift Certificate that I won from making the Drain Bags for the Breast Cancer Contest at Never Enough Yarn! Hats will be made for Abby and fingerless mittens for ME!!!

These are blankets I made for my charity, HeartFelt Angels, for the 4th of July.

This is a Breast Cancer Ribbon Afghan I made for a friend whose Aunt had to have breast surgery. I couldn't find a ribbon pattern that I really liked, so I designed this pattern myself. I thought it turned out beautiful - so did everyone else. The picture was taken at Never Enough Yarn in Winchester, VA. Thanks Pam!

And finally - this is a car seat blanket with a matching hat. Loved how the colors came out. I wanted to go eat some ice cream after making this! ha ha ha!